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Pain is best controlled by the medications prescribed. They are most effective when taken before the local anaesthesia diminishes and normal sensation returns to the area.

Pain is usually worst in the first 24-72 hours, but may peak 48 -72 hours after the surgery, before settling over the next 4-5 days. On occasions however, the pain may take longer to subside. Pain medication will be discussed and or prescribed for you and should be taken regularly as directed until pain lessens. The use of aspirin should be avoided after surgery unless it is taken for medically reasons.

Often strong pain killers prescribed will have side effects such as nausea, vomiting and constipation, should any of these occur it is best to stop the medication immediately and discuss alternative pain relief measures with your surgeon.


Swelling is a variable part of the post-operative recovery. It is common for the swelling to increase for up to 2 days and then resolve over 2-3 days. Ice packs applied to the face following surgery for 20 minutes for 6-12 hours will help reduce swelling as will sleeping elevated on 2 pillows for the first 2 nights after surgery.


It is usual for bruising of the skin to occur around the angle of the jaw and mouth, this may take 1-2 weeks to disappear

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